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Costume Advice? [18 Sep 2006|09:41pm]

Hello everyone. I wish to be Illyria for halloween. I need really cheap costume-type things, and I was wondering if anybody out there was any tips/advice for me. I'm planning to wear fred's reddish top and skirt, from the end of a Hole in the World and the beginning of Shells. Does anybody know where I might be able to get similar clothes? Also, I'm looking for Halloween contacts similar to Illyria's eyes, the cheapest I can find. I plan on getting my hair professionally dyed before halloween. As for makeup, I'm just planning to use eyeshadow mixed with vaseline to make it stick. If somebody used a different homemade Illyria makeup method and it worked really well, I'd like to know. Thank you in advance for advice!

EDIT: Of course, if anyone knows where I can get Illyria's armor costume that doesn't look like it's made of cheap Halloween costume material(it can be made of cheap material, just doesn't have to look like it is!), please let me know!

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New Community, Fred/Knox fic [23 Oct 2005|07:45pm]

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Hi! I'm new here and first off would like to pimp out a new community that focuses on Fred Burkle. If pimping isn't appreciated here, I am sorry! Just lemme know and I'll remove it.


The comm focuses on the darker side of the lovely Texan we all know and love. ;) Fic, graphics, song recs, essays, discussion.. anything!! :D It is a moderated community for adults only, but would love to have new members. :) Thanks!! /pimp

And so this isn't simply a pimp post, I've got one Fred fic to share. :)

Title: All For Love
Author: Hannah/swtlilhann
Pairing: Fred/Knox
Rating: G-PG
Summary/Setting: Set AU in AtS S5 where Fred and Illyria are just now split in two and Knox suffers the wrath of his beloved.. sorta.
Spoilers: End of AtS S5

Back here at my fic journal. :)


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[12 Oct 2005|01:07am]

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Hey, I'm Alexandra and I'm a newbie and of course, I <3 Fred. I'm not exactly great at making any sort of icon or banner type thing (it doesn't help that my computer loathes me with a passion) but I can certainly promise to try in the future.

In the mean time...I just wanted to pop in and say a hi, yall :)

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Fred icons [10 Sep 2005|05:46pm]

Hi Guys - I'm doing the fred 100 for jossverse100 and thought I'ld post them here - anyone that doesn't know, it's 100 icons on a topic, and mine is fred. Feel free to take, please credit. thanks

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[27 Jun 2005|11:11pm]

Hey. I'm new here. Name's Amanda. I'm a big 'Fred' fan-obviously. lol. Very sweet character. As is Amy Acker. :) Point of this post was. Okay-I know there aren't many -if any- pics of Fred and Gunn, Amy/J.A.R. But, I was hoping some people might have some saved on their computers or know a place where I can find some.

And-if anyone knows the name of the new show Amy's supposed to be in and what network is gonna be running it-I would much appreciate the info. I heard about it a while back but I've forgotten all the information. xD

A for some pimpage. It's still small. Looking for more members. angel_rating. You should check it out. Just answer some questions to find out what 'Angel' character you're most like. And you're probaly a Buffy fan too. So, btvs_rating. Pretty spiffy. =)

Sorry to be a bother. But, I've been searching for these things and thought this might be a good place to ask. If it's not alright to do so. Please do let me know and I'll delete it ASAP.

Thanks! ~Mandy.

EDIT: WOW. Didn't notice how un-active this community is. Maybe this post will pop up on some friend pages and people will remember it's still here. xD
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